Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This man was worth naming my car after

It's true. Meet Jason Wade...frontman of Lifehouse.  His name is the middle name of my car. Kamrada Jason DiCaprio:)

Hot dog. He's hot.  Just sayin. And INCREIBLY nice.  I have been blessed to meet him several times (along with the other amazing guys in Lifehouse) and have always been super impressed by his humility, sweetness, hilarity, and... hotness:)  I was even lucky enough to have lunch with him and all of Lifehouse a few years ago. Legit. It was the freaking awesomest day of my life so far.  Hence, Chili's is my favorite restaurant:D
Lifehouse has been my absolute, all time favorite band since I was only 12. They are what brought me out of my boybandom into the life of real music: rock. (dont get me wrong, i am constantly shaking my booty to BSB and nysnc still). They got me through my teen years and now my early 20's and they are freaking amazing. Period. I have seen them live15 times and counting. And yes, girly squeals were squealed and huge smiles smiled and songs sung word for word and a quite a few serious cases of them giving me the chills and tearing up:) Who knows...maybe one day I'll get engaged at one of their shows? :) I think I might pass out.
So in light of their amazingness and my recent re-obsession with this song, I wanted to share with you one of my favorites from their latest album, Smoke and Mirrors. Its different from the rest of their work, but I LOVE it:)
Seriously, turn up the volume and hit play.


  1. ha, i love that you named your car after him. love lifehouse :)
    xo TJ

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