Monday, May 28, 2012

Fried Oreos Will Save Your Life

On Friday my sister and I went up to a festival called Mayfair on kind of a whim to see one of her favorite bands, Boys Like Girls. It was a free concert, so why not?! 
 It, a lot.  Thank goodness there were different giant tents to sit under. We got there and right away met Martin from BLG.. SUCH a nice guy, and easy on the eyes too;)
Then, we definitely got a...wide variety(to say the least).... of entertainment while we were waiting for the show to begin. Like...
 kids performing songs from Fiddler on The Roof, a band playing who were no older than like 17, and a DJ and a huge dance party. And let me tell you.... if you know any white boys who actually can dance, cherish them, because it is a rare, rare thing. 
Then we had to sit through a rapper name Chiddy Bang. 
Then finally there was Boys Like Girls.

And in the midst of all the rain, weird entertainment, and white boy arm-flailing, my sister bought us fried oreos. And THAT made it all worth while.SERIOUSLY. 
If you haven't had any, I beg you..go change your life and partake at your nearest fair/festival right now.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Things I've Learned By Thursday

When Doritos are around, I have absolutely no control. Zip. Zilch. Nada. 
I remember when my mom would pack these in my lunches on random, special occasions back in the day,  it was like payday, only...elementary school style. HECK yes.

I am not a big fan of 80-90 degree weather. At any time. And so darn early in the year?!  It's been happening since March. And I live in PA! Seriously...where is this coming from?! I thought it was supposed to be cooler here. It only cements the fact that I need a pool. Please and thank you.

Humidity kills. Period.
Oh wait, I already knew that.
But seriously, if you live in an area where there is little to no humidity, COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!! It's like breathing through a hot, wet washcloth. And not to mention the disasters it causes previously styled, smooth hair. HELLO frizz!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Movies You NEED to See Volume 2

In my last movie post, I listed 6 of my top ALL time favorite movies that should be a requirement for living. They are definitely a requirement to get to know me at all. haha.
Here are the next 6!

Never Been Kissed
I remember when this came out I was still pretty young and my mom didn't want me watching it, because it's rated PG-13. But then she ended up seeing it at my Aunt's house while visiting and we all ended up watching it on TV then. And thank goodness...this movie is the epitome of awesomeness. It is HILARIOUS and cute and just THE perfect chick flick.  My sisters and I bust out the Josie dance quite often:)

I flipping LOVE this movie. My sister and I went to see it when it was released to theaters in 3D and I fell in love! I said before that The Little Mermaid is my all time favorite movie, and this one is a close second. SO darn awesome! And, I totally cried at this one too. Haha.

Dear John
When this came out I was writing my missionary, and so I could majorly relate to this flick. I totally felt for them. And while my relationship with that missionary ended, my love for this movie hasn't! SO romantic and beautiful and... it needs to be said....Channing Tatum is flipping hot. Oh yes.

George of the Jungle
When we were visiting family down in Arkansas I remember my aunt took my sisters and I to see this in theaters. This was like in the mid 90's yo, and I have LOVED this movie ever since. It is so stinking HILARIOUS. Seriously.  I think I have it like memorized by now.  And my whole family gets the quote references I am constantly busting out.

The Blue and the Gray
All my life I have been a civil war buff. We always have lived within driving distance of Gettysburg and have visited it like most families visit Disney World. We would go to reenactments, civil war train rides, and my sisters and I dressed up in civil war hoop skirts most of my life. We didn't play "house," we played "civil war."  Legit. Every time a train passed by my house (we live across the street from the tracks) my sisters and I would run and duck and pretend that we were being shot at by the Rebels (or how we said it, the "revels"). So, no surprise I have been watching this movie since I was 3. It is AMAZING. Seriously.  Go get it.

August Rush
I LOVE this movie. It is so touching and sweet and little Evan/August is SO darn precious.  And Jonathan Rhys Myers? SOOOOOO stinking beautiful/hot!! AND his REAL Irish brogue?! Be still my heart/ear drums. This is a family favorite too, my dad is even obsessed,which is weird, half the time when we show him movies he's just like "eh." But he constantly requests to watch this one. So you KNOW it has to be good:)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Things I've Learned By Thursday

So this week, I started and finished reading Catching Fire in 2 days. NOW I have learned what everyone has been freaking out about. OH my gosh. Two thoughts:
1. Peeta!!
2. Is it time for it to be released to theaters yet?! I saw that it wasn't supposed to come out till Nov. 2013. AH!!

This is one of the, if not THE most amazing thing I have ever had the pleasure of eating. No lie.My sister brought it back for me from NYC and I have made it last a week. Haha. I don't want it to end! Seriously, words cannot describe the deliciousity. Find one. Buy ten. You'll thank me once it hits your tounge.

Staying up till 12 when you have to get up at 6 is just not a good idea.  I no longer work my second job where I was forced to get to bed at 2 am, yet I continue to deprive myself of sleep even though I don't have to. Oh well, I blame Friday Night Lights and its amazingness.