Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I Went Inside

Last week, on the 17th I had the incredible opportunity to go through the temple for the first time.  I have seriously been dreaming of that moment my whole life.  Growing up, my parents always made an effort to go the the temple, and to take me and my sisters there regularly.  They always made a big deal of our "temple trips."  Living in PA, our closest temple is the Washington DC Temple, which is 2 hours away (how grateful I am to have one that close!) so it we would always make day trips out of it.  We'd go down and go inside the visitor's center and then always walk around the outside-which was my favorite part.  I have always, always loved that temple and looked forward to the day I could go in.  And it was always my goal to go inside the DC Temple for my first time.  So, everything about that special day was a dream come true.  
I am grateful for my parents who were able to be there with me, and make the day even more happy.  

You can feel the spirit just driving up to this sacred building.  One thing I will always remember about that day was as we were within minutes of pulling into the temple parking lot, as we were driving around the grounds (if you have ever been to the DC Temple you know the drive right before the temple is very twisty ) the hymn is How Great Thou Art was playing in the background in my car, and I just started quietly crying, totally involuntarily.  I was just so happy, so thankful, and I knew for sure I was doing the right thing, and that Heavenly Father knew exactly where I was, and was so happy for me, and pleased with my decision to go to His house.  And then my mom saw me and she started bawling too.  Good thing I wore waterproof mascara.
Such a happy, blessed day:)  I can't wait to go again.

*I am a happy member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  And if you want to know more about temples, go here.*

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

30 Day Photo Challenge Part 3

-DAY 8- Someone You Love-
This is my little nephew, Jackson.  I love, love, LOVE this kid! He is such a light in my life.  He is so hilarious and stinkin' cute! Just look at him!

-DAY 9- Favorite Shoes-
Ok, for me, picking favorite shoes is like picking a favorite movie...there are just SO many good ones it is so hard to choose! But, these are a top contender. I love them!  And I got them for a steal of only $5 bucks at Rue21! I love finds like that:)

-Day 10- Flowers-
These were some of the first ones that popped up in my yard! 

-Day 11- Childhood Memory-
This is a pic of me and my older sister in the yard of our first house out here in PA.  We lived in an old 18th century house with over 160 acres.  It was a GORGEOUS house and we loved it.  We found out that during the Civil War the Battle of Sporting Hill had been fought on our property which made our LIVES because we were in LOVE with the Civil War and our family went to Gettysburg, PA like most people go to Disneyland.   And we didn't play house like normal little girls, we played "civil war."  We were in long dresses and hoop skirts most of our lives.  We even played our barbies civil war style.  Some of my absolute best memories.

-Day 12- What's On My Playlist-
Ok, this is still weird for me but I have listened to basically nothing else but One Direction since February.  I was a reluctant listener.  I didn't want to like them.  I made fun of them.  But then my sister played me a song one day and I was like "Crud, this is actually awesome."  And I have been hooked ever since. Normally my playlist is varied-anything from Lifehouse to The Killers to Coldplay to The Ting Tings to random 80's music.  I love being able to do anything from shake my booty to belt out lyrics  you feel like you wrote yourself.