Monday, February 20, 2012

How To Make A Heart To Break (Heart of Stone Part 2)

A few weeks ago, I mentioned making a heart piñata for my sister's birthday to smash to pieces. It was SO fun and cheap and easy to do, so I thought I'd share how:

Here's what you need:
*A heart-shaped ballon.  I went to dollar tree to get it. Heck yes.
* Make sure you have flour, water, and a little elmer's glue.
* Newspaper
*Medium-sized container to mix ingredients, and another container to set it on.

( please note NCIS in the background :))

1.Cut newspaper into strips.
2.Mix about 2 cups water and enough flour to make into an Elmer's glue-like paste.
(Add just about 2 TBS of elmer's glue for stickiness.)
3.Dip strips into paste
4.  Run fingers down strip to get off excess.
5.Place on top of balloon and use fingers to smooth out.
6.Cover entire balloon with moistened strips.
7.Set on top of emtpy container to dry so it won't stick to any surfaces.

Also, after it dried for a few hours, I hung it up to dry completely, then I spray painted it outside. Then, you stick a pin in the bottom and pop the ballon once its dry and pull it out the bottom. This leaves room to stuff candy, paper, goodies, etc. Then you can just tape the bottom shut.

1.Hang it up
2.Smash it up
3. Enjoy the stress relief.


  1. what a fun and adorable idea. you're too cute!

  2. Yay for homemade pinatas! My husband and I made one for our wedding a couple years ago and the all the kids loved it. SO FUN!


    1. thanks for coming to my blog!!
      oh my gosh, that is SUCH a good idea for a wedding! i might have to use that someday:)